My name is Richard Brooks and hopefully as you have found my website I could be meeting you and I could be taking your photo soon? Here is a little bit about me.

I am a husband, father, full time worker and now a photographer, which makes me lucky to have the best jobs in the world.

I want to create a final image you will want to display on your wall with pride and will treasure forever. My shoots are very relaxed, fun and informal and as a result, I endeavour to capture the real personality of you in front of my camera lens. Those that are shy I will aim to bring them out of their shyness with silly jokes and as a parent myself I’m not ashamed or afraid of playing the odd game of peek-a-boo! I just hope I don’t have to go as far as singing as Simon Cowell on X-Factor would have a field day in ruining such lack of talent in this field. All this will help in supplying better images to you. I do believe in slight post editing using software such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, enhancing colours but I do not believe in total manipulation of rubbing out or removing some of your natural features that you were born with then how can this be seen as being  you?

I am a professional photographer based near Bexleyheath in Kent but am happy to travel around London and surrounding areas. * and  I do look forward to meeting you soon! Send me a message or give me a call on 07947-656233

If you’re still interested then please feel free to continue reading ….


As a 70’s child, I always enjoyed taking snaps with a cheap disposable cameras. I always bought the wrong camera with the ISO film I actually needed and vigorously shook the camera at the point of taking pictures. So by the time I sent my film off to Truprint waiting thirty days for my pictures to be returned back to me, I was often disappointed with the outcome and now out of pocket money. I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop in 2005 and used this rather basically to edit family photographs. It wasn’t until the digital boom and importantly DSLR’s becoming more affordable that I could afford to buy my own camera and this was when I started to take my photography a lot more seriously.

After much research and sales assistant questions I bought my first digital SLR in June 2011. It is a learning curve but this is where my interest in photography really took off. My first DSLR camera is Canon 600D with the 18-55mm kit lens. I quickly realized that this camera and lens wasn’t going to get me good shots at Sporting events or even my daughter's sports day or Christmas activity plays. So I have had to purchase much more camera equipment now to take the best photographs i can in a variety of situations. I now own a full frame camera and alot more lenses and lighting.

Now in my hands i owned the best camera i'd ever had, looking at all its functions and features confused me even more which made me realise i needed help. I then approached the Photography Institute who with their expertise and guidance i worked my way through their assignments and now proudly own a industry recognized diploma which now hangs proudly in my living room as a reminder for my achievement.


(My certificate is pictured above but under the strict rules of the institute it is not allowed to be fully placed online as in this day and age can be edited and reproduced by someone who hasn't completed the course) 


I enjoy taking photos of many subjects and scenes which i suppose makes me very trigger happy as i shoot away. Some of my better photographs you will be able to view here on my website, which i hope you like too?

Along with my photography my biggest passion is football and i am a long term season ticket holder following my team or watching teams play at my local park or on television.

In any other moments of my spare time I also do a lot of road running and participate in as many events as I can in hope I can build up to running stamina for my in my grade A race.... the Virgin London Marathon. To date I have run this event seven times along with a Stevenage and Kent Marathon means i am building up quite a box of finisher medals.

Needless to say my camera has become a big part of my life now and i'm always planning ahead where i can take it out next not wanting to miss a opportunity. It has actually become a family joke now. Family occasions and party? I’ll be attending camera in hand. What better opportunity to capture the moments, practice and experiment with more things.

To be continued . . .. .