For all your photography needs please do get in touch so we can work out a package that suits you?. Here are some prices for the most popular types of photography I can provide. For other types of photography please do contact me so we can discuss and arrange a bespoke package for your needs at :- [email protected]



Sports Day Events.

If your sports club has an open day an, Fete, unveiling or fund raising event? You can hire me to capture all action photo’s of the day. A team photo, player profiles for the upcoming season. I will capture everything you ask for on the day in question between the agreed time duration.

  • £60 Per Day
  • Images stored on my website and saved onto DVD, OR a USB stick of your choice?
  • PLUS post editing charges. Please see below.



Post Editing.
I’m afraid after the event post editing will be required, not only to organise  your photographs onto a format of your choice but you will be very surprised to hear that post editing can take up an awful amount of time, to edit and retouch certain images before finally arranging delivery of your photographs. I’m afraid as this is a part time occupation I will be editing in my available spare time as quickly as possible at a rate of £20 per hour. Which obviously depends how many pictures were initially taken at the shoot to how quickly they can be edited


I am friendly and a helpful person and available to chat at any time of the day so please contact to discuss your needs on 07947-656233



Am I Insured?
I sure am! I have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance to the sum of Five Million Pounds
with Photo Guard insurance brokers.

Am I a qualified photographer?
With six years photography experience I have gained a vast amount of experience along this journey. I also hold an industry recognized photography diploma leaning the skills necessary with the Photography Institute based in central London.


How far will I travel??
I am based in Bexleyheath Kent. So I have great access to all London transportation and have access to some areas of North Kent. Upon location, Additional travel charges may be incurred.


Do I post edit?
Yes I do, I organise photo’s onto your digital choice and also “tidy up” images taken. I do strongly believe though your features stay as seen and do not believe in covering up or removing features as this alteration just cannot be seen as the real you?

Do I provide a hair stylist?
I do have hair stylists in my local area to which I can arrange if requested? Their availability and fee’s however are totally out of my control, sorry.

What should you wear?
In a nut shell whatever you feel comfortable in! and bring a change of clothes or toys if you wish? We can discuss before hand as certain colours will always compliment others, and can enhance the background location.

How many photographs will you get?
As many as we can squeeze in, in our agreed time duration. I’m more than happy to click away. Please note pictures with flaws in (E.G someone blinking, looking away from the camera at a relatives iPhone or iPad) just cannot be included as it won’t look good.

You’ve spent the day taking pictures. When will I receive them?
For the time being this is a part time occupation fitted in around my full time job. I aim to please and deliver your packaged photograph’s as soon as possible! Depending on the session booked and how many pictures will need post editing could take as long as 2-3 weeks. Hopefully you will have enjoyed the photoshoot and would like your images quickly. So the sooner you receive these pictures and show delight(?) is an incentive to make you happy as quickly as possible! Pictures will always be added online and delivery of goods will be in person or sent special delivery through the post.

Who owns the copyright ?
A good question and a valid one…. As the photographer taking the pictures “I actually” own the copyright to all prints and digital files. However you have my permission to use these pictures and images as many times as you like obtaining reprints. Just as its NOT for commercial or a financially profiting purpose, as you will need to obtain my written consent of approval. In this day and age to be fair checks should always be made by registered organizations, magazines, newspapers that what they are buying is your work and if not give credit to the person’s work that it is. Just to avoid receiving a letter later down the line from an angry solicitor then acting on my behalf?

Do you use my pictures to advertise?
I would like too but not without your written permission first advertising via my website or on my facebook page. Photographing children is a tricky area and having learnt about Internet safety via my children’s primary school I will NOT use pictures of your children online unless you allow me to do so, again with your written consent!

How long do I keep the pictures?
I wish I could say I had a bottomless pit for file storage. Unfortunately, I do not, so files will ‘possibly’ be deleted 1 year after our session. Reprints and enlargements can be obtained up until then but after a year you will need to contact me if I still have your files to hand.

How do you pay me?
Paypal, Cash or a cheque, which must clear first before goods are handed over. At the time of booking, a non refundable deposit of 20% will be required. If through bad weather we agree a certain shoot cannot continue, we can reschedule and on completion of the remaining balance must be paid.

I am a human being and not a monster, if you still have questions that I can answer then please, fel free to contact me x

Have any more questions not answered? - Then please feel free to contact me at [email protected]