Truestart Coffee why you should drink it

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TrueStart Coffee. Why you should drink it.

As you can see from my website, I am an avid fan of a variety of sports and being a fan I do and like to throw myself into the deep end and participate in sports when I can. I’ve been doing this since I was at junior school and even now at my age, even though it has been made a little harder to squeeze in the training due to family and work commitments etc It will not and doesn’t stop my enjoyment towards my chosen sport. Even breaking down due to injury that my veteran age brings along with it due to wear and tear does not stop my enjoyment of sports.

For me being a fan of running I have participated in most distances from 100 metres to marathons however, I do stay well clear of cross country events for the reason I ran my last cross county whilst at school, against other schools and as you can expect in atrocious weather conditions with a bellowing sports teacher demanding more effort still brings me nightmares that I vowed never, ever run in one again!

If anything this highlights the work and dedication that our elite sports stars face on a daily basis just to stay at the top of their game, hence the phrase “Eat, Sleep Train, Repeat” because in a nutshell this is exactly what they do.

Sleeping is easy and mustn’t be overlooked. This is the time your body needs to recover and recharges you for the following day ahead allowing you to cope with the demands that everyday life will throw at you the next day. Training, well this brings sweat and tears. The harder you work here the more benefits you will see at a later date as you become stronger your training becomes to a certain degree… easier. Now with the eating and fluid consumption this is the fuel that enables you to perform. It’s taken me a while but through a little experience by now, I’ve learnt that if you consume the wrong foods at the wrong time and then expecting your body to perform… at its best… will just not happen. You will need to consume no more food than you actually need but support your body with vitamins and minerals and giving your body the energy it needs (carbs) and tools to repair muscles (protein). This is just to live an everyday life but by taking part in a sport will require an increase in water, carbohydrates and protein. Looking at billboards and magazine articles there’s certainly enough adverts to highlight this, although advice given does vary from person to person and nutritionists.

The hours I actually work is not consistent and there are times in the day I find my energy levels dropping and I need a quick boost. I have a BOSCH coffee machine to which I use to give me a caffeine boost first thing in the mornings before a training run, work or mid-morning always helps. However… the (named) caffeine bought from a high street shop I never realised there was such a difference until now. Firstly certain brands helped pick me up I became alert but once this wore off the energy crash made me feel worse than I did before? So I would have another coffee and again the crash would occur and so this energy cycle continued to which and unfortunately I thought this was normal and acceptable. I would also drink coffee brands and taking into account how much I drink these brands would upset my fragile stomach with bloating and discomfort that in the end this pain just wasn’t work the coffee consumption.

In April of this year I was looking on social media and saw a retweet advertising a company called EnergySnacks. A company that sold sports nutrition products at a very competitive price. I was due to run the London Marathon later that month so energy gels and drinks was high on my consumption list as I still needed to do my last long training run before the marathon itself. My package arrived and it was very nice of EnergySnacks to throw in a few free samples of products they sell. Not only is this very generous but these products were going to be useful to me. SweetPeaks a small bag of sweets I can consume just before a run for another energy boost and a few sachets of TrueStart coffee. I have to say TrueStart coffee was a company that I had never even heard of before but using these free samples that were given to me and the impact it has made I’m so grateful to EnergySnacks for highlighting them to me. For my marathon though I’m afraid I felt it was too late in my training with my big event just days away to experiment with these new items but since this marathon, drinking TrueStart coffee a Columbian natural coffee that supplies a high dose of caffeine is now top of my nutrition list. To date it has never upset my stomach and I have never experienced an energy crash the way other brands make me feel and my Bosch coffee machine has now become virtually redundant and is a bit of a eye sore in my kitchen now as it sits there gathering dust. TrueStart as a company are quick to highlight coffee and its benefits and I have found myself drinking it hot or cold and following their recipe guide and putting a few scoops of TrueStart coffee into my baking so I’m consuming more coffee than I ever did before with no sign of discomfort and I am clearly seeing the benefits. It just saddens me that my “A-race” being the Virgin London marathon is so many months away but feel this coffee will now help me train for my thirteenth marathon and being thirteen I don’t want it to be an unlucky one.  A coffee before my run or bike ride makes me more alert and I’m using the coffee as energy before this wears off and I’m resorting to my own body state itself (which is a good thing) giving me a better work out. My mile splits on my bike and on foot are coming down drastically, I’m maintaining and improving my pace but yet my heart rate is lowering, it just feels so good. I also use this as a recovery drink too. This good natural coffee intake is helping me burn calories and the increase in caffeine is helping me with my cardiovascular work rate and as an asthmatic I thank the lord of such natural benefits. Consuming this make of coffee and reduced bloating is slimming me down to a more acceptable race weight and abdominal and core exercises means just that and I’m actually seeing the results as it is generally making me more defined and stronger.

There has to be a benefit using TrueStart coffee as I was pleased to purchase a TrueStart coffee one day from the club house of Blackheath and Bromley Harriers. Blackheath and Bromley are a incredibly successful athletic club and currently boast athletic stars such as Adam Gemili, Dina Asher-Smith and Shannon Hylton who are doing incredibly well for Team GB. These are a few stars you may have heard of but the training they put their younger athletes through I’m pretty sure more of these younger athletes will follow the paths of their older team members.

As you can see I use TrueStart coffee for sporting reason but even on my rest days and even if I wasn’t a sporty person TrueStart coffee would be helping me get through my hectic day. If this is meeting deadlines at work or separating my children arguing over who has control of the Sky remote (even though its me! Who pays the subscription fee) Consuming a good coffee is a good thing and I would recommend this over more famous named brands every day of the week and i can assure you drinking too much of this coffee will not give you the jittery shakes and twitches that you assume would be the side affect.

If your're still not convinved then please read the blog "12 ways coffee makes you happier, smarter and stronger"



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